Wired for Sound - Southern Africa Mobile Recording Studio

Wired for Sound Album Available!


The album – Wired for Sound Mozambique has been released and is available on iTunes for download! Revenue generated by sales will go towards working with partner radio stations and musicians to establish solar powered recording set ups at each community radio station we visit on our trips!

Here are a few choice quotes we love on the album from reviews and followers:

“I was afraid the concept would be like Paul Simon appropriating South African music, but not at all. You put the locals in the foreground instead of yourselves. And great, crisp recording, too”. (American follower living in France)

“This is an amazing project that deserves all the support it can get. The album is on Amazon for only nine dollars and I highly suggest you buy it, If not for the beautiful and varied world music that you should be exposed to, then simply to benefit such a great initiative”. (Ian Lunn, Celebrity Cafe)

“…the laid back armchair traveler has a first class winner on his hands here.” (Midwest Record Review)

“Today I saw the wired-for-sound page for the first time and in actual fact since I have been listening to the songs again and again. It is just great, honestly and most seriously great!” (Follower from Buenos Aires)