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Malawi Album Now Available!

In 2013 the Wired for Sound Mobile Studio traveled 12 000km through Northern Mozambique, and released the critically acclaimed “Wired for Sound – Mozambique album”. Last year we travelled through Malawi, and we now present you with “Wired for Sound – Malawi”, a selection of our favorite recordings from that trip. Wired for Sound partners with community radio and records community musicians, musicians who play traditional music, rap, blues and reggae. We have recorded in the company of elephants, in old forts and abandoned buildings, and of course under a canopy of stars in the great African outdoors. Our partner community radio stations serve as a base to work from and offer a wonderful introduction to the border towns, islands and rural communities we have visited – and of course to the musicians whose recordings make up our two albums Read More

Wired for Sound Album Available!

The album – Wired for Sound Mozambique has been released and is available on iTunes for download! Revenue generated by sales will go towards working with partner radio stations and musicians to establish solar powered recording set ups at each community radio station we visit on our trips! Here are a few choice quotes we love on the album from reviews and followers: “I was afraid the concept would be like Paul Simon appropriating South African music, but not at all. You put the locals in the foreground instead of yourselves. And great, crisp recording, too”. (American follower living in France) “This is an amazing project that deserves all the support it can get. The album is on Amazon for only nine dollars and I highly suggest you buy it, If not for the beautiful and varied world music that Read More

Wired for Sound – Radio Partners

Wired for Sound believes in the immediacy and power of radio, and formed a partnership with FORCOM (National Community Radio Forum of Mozambique) for the pilot project August/ September 2013. We worked with one community radio station per province and the station managers and journalists became our ‘in’ to the communities we called home for 10 days. Each station helped us with setting up accommodation, introduced us to local authorities and most importantly, musicians. They helped to find interesting recording venues and continue to make sure that we are able to stay in touch with the artists who collaborated with us. They hosted interviews with each musician and played the initial field recordings on air  – giving the artists a chance to talk about their music, their lives and most importantly, to promote local music and content generation. The revenue Read More

Wired for Sound – How does it work?

Who We Are: The Wired for Sound (WFS) team consists of Freshlyground founding member Simon Attwell and radio producer Kim Winter, in collaboration with Freshlyground guitarist Julio Sigauque.  We are a mobile recording studio, designed around a 4×4 vehicle with battery system and solar panel, which means we are equipped to record pretty much anywhere. Recording environments are chosen based on the style of music being recorded, and quirky aesthetic visual appeal and/or unusual acoustic quality of locations. OSISA and WFS spent a year brainstorming the best way to access young musicians in remote areas, not only creating opportunities for young talent to record and collaborate with more established musicians, but also to explore the realities of youth culture through expression in music- and the stories behind the words using interviews, radio debates and radio documentary. Road trips and Radio: Most young Read More